Student-Athlete Advisory Committee


Top (left to right): Ashton Hess (Women's Lacrosse), Cassandra Reineke (Women's Lacrosse), Kirsten Robinson (Women's Soccer), Jennifer Young (Women's Lacrosse), Paulina Kulyavtsev (Women's Tennis), Weronika Halicka (Women's Tennis), Emma Prager (Women's Swimming & Diving).
Middle (left to right): Jason Voelker (Men's Swimming & Diving), Haley Slator (Women's Swimming & Diving), Erin Efimoff (Women's Basketball), Alyssa Miner (Women's Volleyball), Emma Ciriacks (Women's Track & Field), Sam Foster (Men's Basketball), Jake Bruns (Men's Basketball), Erin Nelson (Women's Cross Country), Evan Robeck (Men's Volleyball).
Bottom (left to right): Raiven Johnson (Women's Basketball), Reya Green (Women's Volleyball), Broderick Croonquist (Men's Tennis), Michael Courtney (Baseball), Nick Worden (Baseball), Mark Dhom (Men's Soccer), Olivia Kochanek (Women's Soccer), Andrew Woltman (Men's Tennis).


Welcome to the Illinois Tech Student-Athletic Advisory Committee Webpage

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is made up of representatives from each of the 16 varsity sports. The committee meets twice a month to discuss issues raised by student-athletes, coordinate community service and educational opportunities, and organize social activities surrounding varsity games and events. This advisory group serves as a voice for the student-athlete population.

As members of Illinois Tech's SAAC we strive to build a sense of unity among student-athletes and the university while fostering leadership, active participation, and professional development on campus and in the local community.

Executive Board 

President:  Jason Voelker, Men's Swimming and Diving
Vice President:  TBD
Secretary:  Emma Prager, Men's Swimming and Diving
Treasurer:  Reya Green, Women's Volleyball

Committee Heads

Internal Committee:  Kirsten Robinson, Women's Soccer
Marketing and Communications Committee:  Cassandra Reineke, Women's Lacrosse
Events and Projects Committee:  Olivia Kochanek, Women's Soccer


Nick Worden - Baseball (M)
Tyler Tucker - Baseball (M)
Michael Courtney - Baseball (M)
Jake Bruns - Basketball (M)
Sam Foster - Basketball (M)
Erin Efimoff - Basketball (W)
Raiven Johnson - Basketball (W)
Erin Nelson - Cross Country (W)
Zoey Krevitz - Cross Country (W)
Cassandra Reineke - Lacrosse (W)
Jennifer Young - Lacrosse (W)
Ashton Hess - Lacrosse (W)
Diego Gutierrez Coronel - Soccer (M)
Mark Dhom - Soccer (M)
Kirsten Robinson - Soccer (W)
Olivia Kochanek - Soccer (W)
Jason Voelker - Swim & Dive (M)
Jay Korhonen - Swim & Dive (M)
Emma Prager - Swim & Dive (W)
Haley Slator - Swim & Dive (W)
Andrew Woltman - Tennis (M)
Broderick Croonquist - Tennis (M)
Weronika Halicka - Tennis (W)
Paulina Kulyavtsev - Tennis (W)
Monica Bhagavan - Track & Field (W)
Emma Ciriacks - Track & Field (W)
Derek Bostick - Volleyball (M)
Evan Robeck - Volleyball (M)
Reya Green - Volleyball (W)
Alyssa Miner - Volleyball (W)


SAAC Advisor: Erik Scanlan (Men's and Women's Tennis)