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Building Policy


Building Entry
  • All students, faculty, staff and current Keating Sports Center members using the facility MUST show a university ID or membership pass at the front desk located in the lobby.
  • If proper identification is not shown, the customer will not be allowed usage of the facility.
  • Proper training attire must be worn at all times. This includes gym shoes, gym shorts and shirt.
  • Jeans, dress shoes, sandals, and/or bare feet are NOT allowed.
  • All bags, jackets, and extra belongings are not allowed upstairs on or around the floors. You must rent a daily or semester locker to keep your things in.
  • Keating Sports Center is a privileged and limited university recreational center in which membership rules and policies should be strongly enforced for the safety of the IIT community.
Guest Policy
  • One guest may be sponsored by a currently enrolled IIT student or a Keating Sports Center member.
  • Each guest must pay a $10 fee to use the facility (
  • Each guest must provide a government issued ID and sign a Guest Waiver.
  • The ID of the sponsor must be collected with the guests. Sponsors must remain in the facility and in the same activity area as their guest at all times. If a sponsor leaves the facility, the guest must accompany them.
Equipment Checkout Policy
  • A university ID must be collected prior to all equipment check out at the front desk.
  • Only current students/staff/faculty may check out equipment. Keating Sports Center guest may not check out equipment.
  • The person who checks out the equipment must be the one to return it.
  • If equipment is returned damaged, damages will be documented and the person who checked out the equipment may be charged for the replacement. 
  • Racquetballs, squash balls, and shuttlecocks are available to purchase for $2 each, no change will be given. 
Fitness Room Policies
  • Proper training attire must be worn at all times. This includes gym shoes, gym shorts and shirt.
  • Jeans, dress shoes, sandals, and/or bare feet are NOT allowed.
  • Belongings must be kept in the locker room (coat, bags, etc.)
  • DO NOT drop or throw weight plates or dumbbells.
  • Return free weights to proper racks after each use.
  • Wipe down machines after use.
  • Food, drink, candy, gum, tobacco (chew) and toothpicks are not permitted in the weight room.
  • The Fitness Room closes 10 minutes before the facility, please respect the student workers when they tell you it is closing time.
  • Misuse of equipment and facilities will result in immediate expulsion from the use of Keating Sports Center.
  • Limit use on cardio equipment to 20 MINUTES during peak hours. (peak hours are generally 4pm-10pm, but also include any time all cardio equipment is in use)

Ekco Pool

  • Lifeguards will unlock the balcony doors at the beginning of every Recreational Swim period.
  • Lifeguards will unlock/prop open the locker room doors at the beginning of every shift.
  • Lifeguards will also shut and lock the locker room door at the end of every shift.
  • There will be at least one lifeguard on duty at all times during Recreational Swim hours.
  • Faculty and Staff locker rooms will remain locked at all times. Please see the Aquatics Director or Front Desk for more information on access to Faculty and Staff Locker Rooms.
  • The last swimmer needs to be out of the pool 5 minutes before the end of each day session and 10 minutes before the night session ends. The lifeguard will inform swimmers when it is time to exit the water.
  • The pool is closed during IIT Swim and Dive events and the schedule will be updated accordingly on the Athletics Website
Rules and Regulations
  • Lifeguards word is final. They are there to ensure the safety of themselves and everyone around them.
  • No one is allowed to enter the water if there is no lifeguard on the pool deck.
  • Use of the starting blocks or diving boards is NOT ALLOWED during Recreational Swim hours.
  • General use equipment can be used by any faculty, student, or staff during Recreational Swim hours. It can be found in the WHITE BINS on the East side of the pool deck.
  • Red Equipment bags that are on the wall are for Illinois Tech Swim and Dive team members only.
  • NO running.
  • NO moving the lane lines.
  • Any equipment labeled Illinois Tech Swim and Dive may not be used during Recreational Swim hours.