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Locker Policy

In the men's and women's locker room, there are both daily uses only lockers and long term/overnight rental lockers.

  • Long-term / Overnight locker rentals can be paid for here.  If renewing, no additional action is required.  If paying for a new locker rental, after paying online, please visit the athletic office during business hours to receive your locker assignment and a lock.
Long Term / Overnight Locker Use (Rentals) (Area Specified By Keating Staff)
  • Rental lockers are available to faculty, staff, and students.
  • Lockers will be rented on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Locker renewal is only possible for consecutive rental periods.
  • You must use the lock issued to you at the time of the rental for long term locker usage.
  • When locker rentals are not renewed, locks must be returned to the Athletic Office.
  • When locker rentals are not renewed, renters should clear out their possessions and return the lock by the last day of their rental period. After this date, items will be disposed of at the facilities discretion.
  • Locks are the responsibility of the user and a fine will be issued if lost or not returned after rental period.
    • Penalty for lost lock $10
    • Failure to clean out locker $10
Prices for Locker Rental
Time Frame Small Lockers Medium Lockers Large Lockers
Semester (Fall Semester does not include winter break) $40 $60 $80
Academic (Expires May 15) $70 $100 $130
Annual (Expires August 20) $90 $130 $170
Summer (Expires August 20) $25 $40 $55
Daily Use Lockers
  • You must provide your own lock.
  • All locks and locker contents must be removed by the end of each day.
  • Daily use lockers not cleared out by the end of each day are subject to removal of the lock and all items in the locker.
  • Items will be disposed of at the facilities discretion.
Locker Room Policies
  • Illinois Tech is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property.
  • All facility users are responsible for respecting and protecting the privacy and welfare of others, so please, no cell phone or camera use while in the locker room.
  • For safety and sanitation reasons, no food is allowed in the locker rooms.
  • Lockers that are not renewed by the posted date will be cleared out and readied for rental. Fines will be charged accordingly.
  • Personal locks are prohibited from use on rental lockers and will be removed from the lockers. Items will be disposed of at the facilities discretion.
  • Be sure to report suspicious individuals or activity to the Keating Staff in the Athletic Office, or at the front desk to the student worker.