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Building Policy

  • All students, faculty, staff and current Keating Sports Center members using the facility MUST show a university ID or membership pass at the front desk located in the lobby.
  • If proper identification is not shown, the customer will not be allowed usage of the facility.
  • All bags, jackets, and extra belongings are not allowed up stairs on or around the floors. You must rent a daily or semester locker to keep your things in.
  • Keating Sports Center is a privileged and limited university recreational center in which membership rules and policies should be strongly enforced for the safety of the IIT community.


Guest Policy


  • One guest may be sponsored by a currently enrolled IIT student or a Keating Sports Center member
  • Each guest must pay a $10 fee to use the facility, no change will be given
  • Each guest must provide a government issued ID and sign a Guest Waiver
  • The ID of the sponsor must be collected with the guests. Sponsors must remain in the facility and in the same activity area as their guest at all times. If a sponsor leaves the facility, the guest must accompany them.


Equipment Checkout Policy


  • A university ID must be collected prior to all equipment check out at the front desk
  • Only current students/staff/faculty may check out equipment. Keating Sports Center members may not check out equipment.
  • The person who checks out the equipment must be the one to return it
  • If equipment is returned damaged, damages will be documented and the person who checked out the equipment may be charged for the replacement
  • Racquetballs, squash balls, and shuttlecocks are available to purchase for $2 each, no change will be given


Fitness Room Policies


  • Proper training attire must be worn at all times. This includes gym shoes, gym shorts and shirt.
  • Jeans, dress shoes, sandals, and/or bare feet are NOT allowed
  • Belongings must be kept in the locker room (coat, bags, etc.)
  • DO NOT drop or throw weight plates or dumbbells.
  • Return free weights to proper racks after each use.
  • Wipe down machines after use.
  • Food, drink, candy, gum, tobacco (chew) and toothpicks are not permitted in the weight room.
  • The Fitness Room closes 10 minutes before the facility, please respect the student workers when they tell you it is closing time
  • Misuse of equipment and facilities will result in immediate expulsion from the use of Keating Sports Center.
  • Limit use on cardio equipment to 20 MINUTES during peak hours (peak hours are generally 5pm-11pm, but also include any time all cardio equipment is in use)