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2018-19 Men's Swimming and Diving Roster

Ht. Wt. Hometown High School Major
Julian Escasa full bio Julian Escasa Yr.: 4 Ht.: 5'10" Wt.: 160 Stroke: Sprint Freestyle/Butterfly Hometown: Chicago, Ill. High School: Whitney Young Major: Biomedical Engineering
Ryan Escasa full bio Ryan Escasa Yr.: 2 Ht.: 6'0 Wt.: 170 Stroke: Butterfly/Individual Medley Hometown: Wilmette, Ill. High School: New Trier Major: Chemical Engineering
Peyton Goetschel full bio Peyton Goetschel Yr.: 2 Ht.: 5'11" Wt.: 170 Stroke: Distance Freestyle/Individual Medley Hometown: Portage, Ind. High School: Portage Major: Biomedical Engineering
Samuel Kalenowski full bio Samuel Kalenowski Yr.: 1 Ht.: 6'1" Wt.: 215 Stroke: Breaststroke Hometown: South Elgin, Ill. High School: St. Charles North Major: Computer Engineering
Grant Kitahata full bio Grant Kitahata Yr.: 4 Ht.: 5'4" Wt.: 115 Stroke: Distance Freestyle Hometown: Thousand Oaks, Calif. High School: Westlake Major: Mechanical Engineering
Shayarneel Kundu full bio Shayarneel Kundu Yr.: 1 Ht.: 5'10'' Wt.: 170 Stroke: Freestyle Hometown: Bangalore, India High School: SKCH - CBSE Major: Physics and Mathematics
Mitchell Lucky full bio Mitchell Lucky Yr.: 1 Ht.: 5’11’’ Wt.: 138 Stroke: Butterfly/Breaststroke Hometown: Flushing, MI High School: Flushing High School Major: Chemical Engineering
Patrick McInerney full bio Patrick McInerney Yr.: 1 Ht.: 5’ 9” Wt.: 140 Stroke: Freestyle Hometown: Mundelein, IL High School: Mundelein High School Major: Enginering
Jake McMahon full bio Jake McMahon Yr.: 1 Ht.: 6’6” Wt.: 175 Stroke: Freestyle Hometown: Fayetteville, GA High School: Whitewater High School Major: Aerospace Engineering
David Polzin full bio David Polzin Yr.: 4 Ht.: 5'10" Wt.: 155 Stroke: Sprint Freestyle Hometown: Sturgis, Mich. High School: Sturgis Major: Architectural Engineering
Matthew Randle full bio Matthew Randle Yr.: 2 Ht.: 6'0 Wt.: 140 Stroke: Backstroke/Individual Medley Hometown: Wichita, Kan. High School: Wichita East Major: Mechanical Engineering
RJ Schroeders full bio RJ Schroeders Yr.: 2 Ht.: 6'0 Wt.: 170 Stroke: Distance Freestyle/Individual Medley Hometown: Sarasota, Fla. High School: Riverview Major: Aerospace Engineering
Abisiek Senthillnathan full bio Abisiek Senthillnathan Yr.: 4 Ht.: 6'0" Wt.: 225 Stroke: Sprint Freestyle Hometown: Coimbatore, India High School: Chinmaya International Residential School Major: Mechanical Engineering
Miles Thompson full bio Miles Thompson Yr.: 3 Ht.: 5'11" Wt.: 160 Stroke: Distance Freestyle Hometown: Holland, Mich. High School: Holland Major: Business Administration
Tyler Van Wagener full bio Tyler Van Wagener Yr.: 2 Ht.: 6'0" Wt.: 190 Stroke: Sprint Freestyle/Individual Medley Hometown: Bethesda, Md. High School: Walter Johnson Major: Computer Science
Seth Wissenbach full bio Seth Wissenbach Yr.: 2 Ht.: 5'10" Wt.: 155 Stroke: Sprint Freestyle/Butterfly Hometown: Boise, Idaho High School: Rocky Mountain Major: Biomedical Engineering
John Wolniak full bio John Wolniak Yr.: 3 Ht.: 6'0 Wt.: 155 Stroke: Distance Freestyle/Butterfly Hometown: Crestwood, Ill. High School: Alan B. Shepard Major: Biomedical Engineering