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2018 Women's Volleyball Roster

Hometown High School Major
#: 1 Courtney Curcio full bio Courtney Curcio Pos.: DS Yr.: 3 Ht.: 5'3 Hometown: Chandler, Ari. High School: Hamilton Major: Architecture
#: 2 Courtney Darling full bio Courtney Darling Pos.: S Yr.: 3 Ht.: 5'6 Hometown: Cumming, Ga. High School: South Forsyth Major: Chemical Engineering
#: 3 Zoey Kriethe full bio Zoey Kriethe Pos.: S Yr.: 1 Ht.: 5'6 Hometown: Las Vegas, Nev. High School: Southwest Career and Technical Academy Major: Architecture
#: 4 Claire Pantell full bio Claire Pantell Pos.: DS Yr.: 2 Ht.: 5'4 Hometown: New Orleans, La. High School: Benjamin Franklin Major: Mechanical Engineering
#: 5 Helen Leach full bio Helen Leach Pos.: S Yr.: 1 Ht.: 5'7 Hometown: St. Paul, Minn. High School: Central Major: Aerospace Engineering
#: 6 Taylor Burton full bio Taylor Burton Pos.: MH Yr.: 3 Ht.: 5'11 Hometown: Stockbridge, Ga. High School: Stockbridge Major: Biology
#: 7 Justine Bracco full bio Justine Bracco Pos.: RS Yr.: 2 Ht.: 6'0 Hometown: Wolcott, Conn. High School: Wolcott Major: Biomedical Engineering
#: 8 Mia Phelps full bio Mia Phelps Pos.: OH Yr.: 1 Ht.: 5'8 Hometown: Maineville, Ohio High School: Kings Major: Behavioral Health and Wellness
#: 9 Allison Wilkins full bio Allison Wilkins Pos.: S Yr.: 1 Ht.:   Hometown: Happy Valley, Ore. High School: Clackamas Major: Architectural Engineering
#: 10 Sinjin Acuna full bio Sinjin Acuna Pos.: DS Yr.: 2 Ht.: 5'6 Hometown: Eagle River, Alaska High School: Chugiak Major: Biomedical Engineering
#: 11 Katherine McCutcheon full bio Katherine McCutcheon Pos.: RS Yr.: 3 Ht.: 6'2 Hometown: Fountain Valley, Calif. High School: Cornelia Connelly Major: Mechanical Engineering
#: 12 Natalie Freund full bio Natalie Freund Pos.: S Yr.: 2 Ht.: 5'6 Hometown: Palatine, Ill. High School: Fremd Major: Applied Cybersecurity and Information Technology
#: 13 Leah van der Sanden full bio Leah van der Sanden Pos.: OH Yr.: 2 Ht.: 6'2 Hometown: Aurora, Colo. High School: Cherokee Trail Major: Architecture
#: 14 Caitie Kenneally full bio Caitie Kenneally Pos.: RS Yr.: 2 Ht.: 5'10 Hometown: Verona, N.J. High School: Verona Major: Architecture
#: 15 Alyssa Miner full bio Alyssa Miner Pos.: MH Yr.: 4 Ht.: 6'0 Hometown: Bartlett, Ill. High School: South Elgin Major: Civil Engineering
#: 16 Sara Hassell full bio Sara Hassell Pos.: OH Yr.: 2 Ht.: 5'11 Hometown: St. Louis, Mo. High School: Upper Arlington Major: Mechanical Engineering
#: 17 Jessica Weaver full bio Jessica Weaver Pos.: MH Yr.: 1 Ht.: 5'11 Hometown: Richmond, Mich. High School: Richmond Major: Architectural Engineering
#: 18 Karen Marrufo-Zubaran full bio Karen Marrufo-Zubaran Pos.: OH Yr.: 1 Ht.: 5'6 Hometown: San Antonio, Texas High School: Ronald Reagan Major: Architecture