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Student-Athlete Advisory Committee


Top (left to right): Sam Sproule (Baseball), Cole Kincart (Men's Swimming & Diving), Caden Gigstad (Men's Basketball), Grant Couper (Men's Volleyball), Garrison Carter (Men's Basketball), Jack Niekrasz (Baseball), Anand Purushothaman (Men's Track & Field), Joey Loriso (Men's Cross Country), Mateo Sanchez (Men's Soccer) 


Middle (left to right): Tyler McQuality (SACC Advisor - Cross Country and Track & Field Coach), Briar Moore (Women's Volleyball), Jeremy Cohen (Men's Lacrosse), Stewart Nelson (Men's Track & Field), Olivia Jameson (Women's Track & Field), Grace Reckamp (Women's Volleyball), Chloe Churilla (Women's Basketball), Grace Goodnough (Women's Basketball), Sophia Halama (Women's Cross Country), Andre Torres (Men's Tennis), Kris Powell (SACC Advisor - Men's and Women's Tennis Coach) 


Bottom (left to right): Faith Busche (Women's Lacrosse), Lucy Jorjorian (Women's Soccer), Zoe Turner (Women's Track & Field), Ethan Jenssen (Baseball), Amelia Moseman (Women's Soccer), Natalie Hamil (Women's Tennis), Lucy Kegley (Women's Lacrosse), Ashley Dame (Women's Tennis) 

Welcome to the Illinois Tech Student-Athletic Advisory Committee Webpage

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is made up of representatives from each of the 19 varsity sports. The committee meets twice a month to discuss issues raised by student-athletes, coordinate community service and educational opportunities, and organize social activities surrounding varsity games and events. This advisory group serves as a voice for the student-athlete population.

As members of Illinois Tech's SAAC we strive to build a sense of unity among student-athletes and the university while fostering leadership, active participation, and professional development on campus and in the local community.


Executive Board 

President: Garrison Carter (Men’s Basketball)

Secretary: Amelia Moseman (Women’s Soccer/Track & Field)

Treasurer: Jack Niekrasz (Baseball)

VP Events: Lucy Jorjorian (Women’s Soccer)

VP Internals: Grant Couper (Men’s Volleyball)

VP Marketing: Grace Reckamp (Women’s Volleyball)



Sam Sproule - Baseball

Ethan Jensen - Baseball

Jack Niekrasz - Baseball

Garrison Carer - Men’s Basketball

Caden Gigstad - Men’s Basketball

Grace Goodnough - Women’s Basketball

Camden Joko - Women’s Basketball

Chloe Churilla - Women’s Basketball

Chloe Rubinowicz - Women’s Basketball

Allie Sillo - Women’s Basketball

Joey Loriso - Men’s Cross Country

Hayley Blanton - Women’s Cross Country

Joyelle West - Women’s Cross Country 

Sophia Halama - Women’s Cross Country

Micah Manookian - Men’s Lacrosse

Jeremy Cohen - Men’s Lacrosse

Lucy Kegley - Women’s Lacrosse

Faith Busche - Women’s Lacrosse

Devin Zakeri - Men’s Soccer

Mateo Sanchez - Men’s Soccer

Lucy Jorjorian - Women’s Soccer

Genna Gaitan - Women’s Soccer

Amelia Moseman - Women’s Soccer

Jason Torok - Men’s Swimming & Diving

Mathiew Doyle - Men’s Swimming & Diving

Cole Kincart - Men’s Swimming & Diving

Olivia Kocot - Women’s Swimming & Diving

Lea Gore - Women’s Swimming & Diving

Andre Torres - Men’s Tennis

Danial Zindani - Men’s Tennis

Natalie Hamill - Women’s Tennis

Ashley Dame - Women’s Tennis

Anand Purushothaman - Men’s Track & Field

Stewart Nelson – Men’s Track & Field 

Olivia Jameson - Women’s Track & Field

Zoe Turner - Women’s Track & Field

Grant Couper - Men’s Volleyball

David Singer - Men’s Volleyball

Grace Reckamp - Women’s Volleyball

Briar Moore - Women’s Volleyball


SAAC Advisors - Tyler McQuality (Men’s and Women’s Cross Country/Track & Field), Kris Powell (Men’s and Women’s Tennis)